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You Know | Under This Sun

You Know | Under This Sun

    Album art symbolism

    You Know | Under This Sun

    ‍TIDES were preparing to release two singles over the summer of 2019.  They came to me to design artwork that would tie the two singles together visually, while also representing the unique messages that each song was communicating.



    • Portray the lyrical themes of each song in the artwork.
    • Create a consistent visual theme across two single covers.


    • Deciding how to visually portray the lyrical themes.
    • Creating a unique design to help the band stand out in a saturated London music scene.


    • Using the symbolism of different flowers to communicate the meaning of the songs.
    • Developing the idea that the flowers would grow to encompass a persons body.

    Album art symbolism






    Album Art
    Content Creation
    Art Direction


    Cool Points

    This was the first job I did when trying to freelance while travelling.
    Album art symbolism


    The process began with a session with the band where we sketched ideas, wrote out the song lyrics, and created a mood board to define a visual direction for the project.

    Album Art

    The artworks needed to convey the lyrical themes for the individual songs.  The growth of flowers on the body represents a persons opinions and how over time these views can grow to become part of who they are.  I used the meaning behind specific flower species to convey those themes in a subtle way.

    Album art symbolism
    Album art symbolism

    Promotional Material

    Using the cover art to create banners and imagery of various sizes to run across multiple social media channels and promote the release of the singles.

    Album art symbolism Under this sun Tides
    Album art symbolism You know tides
    Album art symbolism Under this Sun Tides

    Album art symbolism by Design for Musicians

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